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YesICAN Chat Room Rules
Please read carefully

  1. Everyone is asked to choose an appropriate name/handle (no negative or derogatory words) and to use that same name/handle each time he/she enters the room. In other words, once a name/handle is chosen, it cannot be changed.
  2. To maintain the safety and comfort of all new group members, no group member is to greet someone until he/she first acknowledges his/her presence by first saying "Hello." While everyone can see each name/handle posted in the room, if you are new and wish to just observe the group or have time to feel more comfortable before speaking that is your choice.
    • If you are not new to the YesICAN support groups, you must say hello and be willing to participate in the facilitated group you are attending.
    • If you are not willing to talk and participate in discussion topics with the group, do not come into the room.
      • If you attend and do not participate the facilitator will ask you to leave.
  3. When coming into a facilitated support group it is important that you make every attempt to be on time. (View current time on schedule page if you are confused about the time in PST.)
    • If you cannot come at the beginning of the group then YesICAN asks that you give the other group members who are already participating in the session the courtesy of waiting 5 minutes before you say hello and join the discussion. This will give you an opportunity to understand what issues are being discussed by the group.
  4. Confidentiality: What is said in the group/room remains in the group/room. Each member must commit him/herself to maintaining the confidentiality of the other group members.
  5. During facilitated groups the facilitator is the leader. As such, directions given by the facilitator must be followed.
  6. Each person is an important part of the group, and as such is free to choose whether or not to share about their own issues.
  7. Because these support groups are a group process, we ask that everyone who joins and participates in a group stay the entire two hours. If a group member finds it necessary to leave the room for any reason, he/she must actually leave the room. No one is to post "brb" (be right back). If he/she wants to return he/she can.
  8. Feel free to express yourself, we welcome expression of feelings and opinions here -- this also means that we respect the right of others to express themselves.
  9. Respect: No member of the group is to "flame" another member or facilitator. No inappropriate language such as derogatory or inflammatory language and/or behavior. If a group member is abusive, and fails to stop his/her behavior when requested by the facilitator, he/she will be asked to leave the room.
  10. Please do not use consistent capital letters -- it is considered screaming. Use text only, do not use symbols of any kind.
  11. Since facilitated groups are for the support that members can give to one another through the group process itself, there is to be no outside messaging of any kind between individual group members during facilitated chat groups.
  12. For the safety and confidentiality of its members, YesICAN does not allow any exchange of personal information (i.e. email, instant messaging, websites, phone numbers, etc.) within the chatrooms.
  13. To preserve the confidentiality of the groups and the anonymity of its members there will be no copying of anything that goes on in the groups
  14. Groups created specifically for female and male survivors are not to be attended by the opposite sex.
I have read the rules of the YesICAN chat room and agree to follow them.